Offering Specialist Allergy Treatments to your Family

Immunotherapy for Living Life

Immunotherapy ‘dampens’ the allergic response to a specific allergen and improves quality of life if conventional treatments are of limited benefit.  

Persistent sniffing, nose rubbing and itching can have a serious impact on wellbeing. It may affect your child’s sleep, concentration and sporting stamina. Children sometimes suffer breathlessness of which they are not yet aware. Environmental allergens can also drive eczema, reducing effectiveness of conventional therapies.

Translational Specialist Treatments

Immunotherapy available for environmental allergies

Grass & Tree Pollen

Pollen peaks cause huge fluctuation in symptoms, peaking during the day and  evenings too. The ‘Met Office’ app gives seasonal warning alerts according to weather and pollen blooms in your area.

Dog Dander

There has been a surge in modern families opting for some ‘Covid Company’. Dander immunotherapy has been one of the most relevant products, as newly found dog allergies have materialised over the year.

House Dust Mite

House dust mite causes some of the most persistent and difficult disease. Please do not dismiss persistent sniffing and congestion as frustrating behaviour! Dust allergic asthma is a risk factor for recurring attacks.

Cat Dander

Cats decide where they will live, and often disregard any rules. Cat allergen is airborne and sticky, so it travels almost as far as your cat! ‘Washing off’ dander spreads allergen to other ‘clean’ clothes in the drum.

Your Child Should Not Suffer

Children with hay fever are more likely to drop grades coming up to their summer exams. They can battle with constant head-fog, poor sleep, frustration from persistent sniffing, sometimes combined with wheeze and coughing.

As parents, it is easy to assume ‘this is just how it is’ – especially if antihistamines and nasal sprays have little impact.

Tailoring Immunotherapy To Your Child

New treatments are coming online to treat the full range of aeroallergen allergies with increasingly impressive results.

Options for Treatment

Seasonal treatment

Pollen immunotherapy is starts before the respective season; pre- & then co-seasonal treatment. The most effective treatment last throughout the year.

In door allergens require all year treatment

House dust mite and dander immunotherapy last throughout the year to offer your child the benefit throughout the year.

Sub-lingual wafers

Sub-lingual (under the tongue) melt-in-the-mouth wafers 

Sub-lingual drops

Drops are held under the tongue for two minutes.