Supporting Your Family's Choices and Values

Treatment Options

Proactive Allergy is designed to take a holistic life-course approach to allergy care. We want your child to thrive, taking part in everything life has to offer and enjoying the treats along the way.

Treatment Options As Your Child Grows

Proactive Allergy is keen to offer the latest diagnostics, treatments and expertise at the utmost convenience for yourlife.

Preventing Food Allergy

Food allergy can be prevented, and is particularly effective among babies affected by eczema, even if they have already reacted to a food.

Making Allergy Manageable

One of the myths about allergy is that the smallest amounts matter the most. Practical tips, treatments and lifestyle ideas can help release opportunities.

Specialist Services

New advances in diagnostics and immunotherapy allergy treatments are making little ones live with less risk and greater enjoyment.

Rapid and home-based testing

Testing may be undertaken within a face-to-face visit by skin testing or by blood testing, either in clinic, through your GP or even at home; all options to suit all families!


Immunotherapy ‘dampens down’ the allergic response to a specific allergen, improving thresholds and reducing the impact of allergies.